Les Portraits Harmoniques

The act of creation results in the creation of a neural loop. This film was inspired by pianist Anna Sutyagina's CD. It represents the visualisation of my neural loop of creation. An experimental film that is also a documentary on my personal technique of pictorial creation.


2022 - George Frideric Handel Minuet in g minor

2021 - The Little Prinze
Mohr-Villa - Munich - Family concert in the Klassik picknickt series
This poetic story, told by Munich actor Robert Gregor Kühn, is accompanied by spellbinding music played by pianist Anna Sutyagina. The piano sounds are the work of composer Peter Wittrich. Videogram by Pascal Barnier.

2018 - Visual classics: Anton Rubinstein - The Night

Paris International Agricultural Show, stand 3E170.
From barley to foam, from bottling to labelling, from harvesting to malting, the different stages of work that go into making a beer

2017 : - Clouds Fantasy inspired by Claude Debussy

- Fantasy Piano Music - Anthony Sylvestre - Berceuse

- Maurice Ravel Jeux d'Eau

Pascal Barnier Bio :

Pascal Barnier first discovered photography and movies as a hobby at seven years old.

.At 17 he used a VHS movie camera for the first time, and at 21 had his first exhibition at “Festival Les Instants Vidéo Manosque” at MJC.

At age 22 he helped students direct and shoot films about prevention of drug use.

1992 - bac Pro in printing and the graphics industry. Production of clips on printing techniques, finishing and binding.

1995, he took the CAP projectionist 35mm diploma: a course in optics, film set jobs, continuous lighting, rules of the script, camera movement, visual writing and video editing.

2015 - Beguine cooperation with Anna Sutyagina. Production of artistic video clip on classical music.

2018 : First eries of experimental documentary films about crafts

2023 - Starting of a collection of pictorialist documentary films on my personal work.



Harmonic Portraits
pictures and video